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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Junior Aulad


13 October 2010

Reward for Yourself

:: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::
:: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful ::

A very very dull day. When I woke up this morning, I wondered, "Do today is Saturday?". I was still on my bed until my mom knocked on the door and wake me up, "you are not working today?". I am shocked and think twice. What day is today? Eh eh, today's wednesday! I rushed to the bathroom, pheww, and luckily i am 'off', do not miss the subuh prayers. hehehe~

My body felt extremely tired and very lazy to go to the office. I feel I've been through days a week but today is just Wednesday. No mood at all!

Maka, untuk mengembalikan semangat saya and as a reward for myself, i went to McD to have black pepper spicy chicken mc deluxe after office hour. Rasanya memang pedas and oh oh, saya terliur semula ketika menaip entry ini!

Sometimes we will lose the spirit to do the job. That's why we need to change this mindset, we need to fix in ourselves, "i am doing a Vacation" instead of "i am doing my job." What we are doing is actually controlled by our minds. How we live is how we think about our lives.

Alamak, dah macam berat pula entri ni. Tadi rasa macam nak 'ringan-ringan' je.

What I want to say here is the 'reward to yourself'. We too think of a problem as a problem. It would not be a problem as long as we do not say it as a problem. Err.. do you understand what I'm trying to say?

I love to pamper myself. Yes, because I need to cherish me. If not you yourself, who else will appreciate yourself? However, do not be mistaken. Indulge yourself does not mean you have to buy any desired by lust. If you want to pamper yourself though, mind your budget.

Macam i, i nak INSPIRA.


tengok, sticker pun still ada. i admire belakang dia ni.. depan tak lawa.. hahaha~

Tu kira masih dalam bajet ke tak?



farah adila said...

macam i,untu short term i nak BB,,long term..nak umah sebijik!

mahira oya said...

wah sgt cool...

Nadia Havez said...

jom rr beli umah *wink wink*

hahaha.. apa yg co0L? ;)