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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Junior Aulad


01 August 2009

I am Lucky

I am lucky
Coz i have sisters
Who are really kind
Really understanding
Really helpful

I am lucky
Coz i am having them
To share my tears
Share my pain
Also my joy

Thanks Allah
For giving me
Such beautiful young ladies
They are not just beautiful
But they are like stars
Shining my dark side

This poem specially dedicated to my sisters

Shahira Vezani Mohamad Havez
Irma Noor Mayzura Mohamad Havez

Love both you so much... Mmmuuaaahh Mmmuaahh Mmmuuaahh :*


criestz said...

lucky im in luv with my besfrend..
lucky to hve been where i hv been
lucky to becoming home again.. =P

aidaNadia said...

tu lagu lucky.. hee~

Amie ChanChank said...

salam.blogger ade tak adik yang nama irma noor mayzura lahir 22 mei 1995.? saye jumpe ic n lesen dia tercicir. pape hal contact kat amie710@gmail.com. thanks..

Nadia Havez said...

Amie ChanChank >>
saya dah emel cik.. sangat berharap dapat reply dari cik..
emel saya nadiafitrihavez@yahoo.com