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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Junior Aulad


06 August 2009

Senarai Kerjaan Ini Hari

Oh, i lost my planner. so i am lost for a while. i forgot where did i put it. i am lost without my planner. where is it? anybody knows where did i put my planner? oh plizz... :( i got lots of work this week and next coming week since the pesta konvo will be just around the corner. i need my planner!! somebody help me!!!!!

for convo fiest,
- double check Bo's script for opening ceremony
- checking salutation *he need to speak in front of Sultanah, hence the protocol must be tip top*
- JI meeting minute! i need to prepare it before i leave for RS camp
- surat pengecualian kuliah for the whole week of convo fiest

vice president activity,
- meeting agenda about MPP's activity for last semester and this semester to submit to Mr. President for MPPF meeting tonight
- brainstorming agenda for MPPP draft this sunday *i need to complete this before i'm goin to RS camp since the meeting will be held on this sunday nite*

student of 4SGS
- DIP proposal *submitted today!! but imah said, next je lorr.. tak sempat :(*
- literature review for spatial data analysis *submit next week (wednesday)*
- wut else!

ouhh.. help me.. i just have 2 hands for all this thing!

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