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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Junior Aulad


11 September 2009

Ke Manakah?

0400H : Sahur @ .....

0600H : Subuh

0630 : konon-konon study untuk test

1000H : going to faculty for discussion

1030H : call PM Din

1100H : received message from PM Din "please come to my room at 1500H for your test"

1300H : jalan-jalan at jusco taman U with engineer tupperware 'today is ladies day, okayH~!"

1400H : study GPS at office

1430H : received call from PM Din "cancel your test because Zulhilmi still not going back yet" *hoorrraayyY!!!*

1500H : ekin ask me "kak nadia, do you got any work to do? jom jalan-jalan..."

1530H : going to angsana with shikin. ladies day again~!!

1730H : going back to UTM. jamMmm~!!!

1830H : pick engineer tupperware. me, ekin and engineer tupperware having our break fast at Taman U..

2000H : going back to UTM

2052H : blogging

2315H : muveeee~!! 'my ugly truth'.. taaa darling (~_^)

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