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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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26 September 2009

No mood raya anymore

okeh people. now it's time to throw away your raya mood cuz it's already in the 7th of syawal. there are lots of work waiting to be done. some comment for muvee yesterday..

g-force (3D) at mid valley megamall... *i drove there and i forgot yesterday was friday. so the parking may quiet expensive. luckily, just RM2*

it was about few well-trained guinea pigs. with the help of very high technology equipments *ala-ala james bond gituuu* they were assigned to a task *macam kebanyakan cerita omputih gak*

value added in this muvee was about friendship. how will you help your friend when all of you were in difficulty. hoh...

with 3D effect, this muvee quiet ok lorr... especially when it's time to show their great technology applied to accomplish their mission.

after watching the movie, we went to laksa shack, and the doctor-will-be ordered the most expensive meal there *botaklaaa engineer tupperware yang sponsor makanan..*

then then then spending time with doctor-will-be before he flown *eh, betul ke flown?* to egypt. yay, i can't go to klia, lain la kalau ada orang nak sponsor tiket bas or duit minyak and tol to klia huk huk huk

today, i will meet kak wenny, my cousin from indonesia, miss her so much. then attending kak ina's reception, then jalan-jalan with kak wenny... and then going back to skudai.


going back to skudai? i hate this.......

lots of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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