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Junior Aulad


21 December 2009

Suda Bosan

hoh... selama dua minggu saya bertapa dan cuba keluar dari kepompong kesedihan, sampai saya pun naik bosan, maka saya pun ingin keluar lah dengan entri yang sebegini. yelah, lately nih entri sangat dull, have no energetic spirit, and very monotone. aih~! masih mencari di mana gaya penulisan saya yang dulu. penuh dengan tenaga. aih~! haha *tenaga apakah? konpius seketika...*

sepanjang 2minggu pertapaan saya ke Pandan City Hotel to attend EEEP (Employment Enhanceability English Programme) which organized by Al-Ikhlas Education Group and sponsored by Iskandar Malaysia *heh, kalau la Ms Anantha baca blog i nih, mesti my face kena slap, ouchh!*

CEP (Communicative English Programme) is to develop the employability skill for students, especially final year students. in this programme, every participants was exposed to communication skill, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and you were enforced to speak in english every time you open your mouth. for the first, you would be very dull and quiet but after you were being enforced, you can't stop talking. seriously!

i got very exciting experience here, lots of unforgottable moments.. and bla bla bla i got no words to describe how exciting it was...

in general, we got class everyday... 9am to 5pm... every participants were divided into 7groups based on their english level. before get into class, we had basement test to test our english level.

we were exposed to communication skill, basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. every morning, the class started with thinking. our beloved tutor, Ms Anantha (Angie) would 'knock' our head with some issue then we talked about the issue, freely. everytime you did the grammar mistake or wrong pronunciation, Angie would correct you *yaa.. my sentence started to tunggang langgang. ouh, slap my face!*

i was shocked when Angie asked us, "what was your big regret in your life? or if you could turn back the time, what would you like to change.." i answered, "if i could turn back my time, i won't get to fall in love with boys..."

then, after debating the issue, we started our public speaking session. 4-5 people would deliver their speech. you could comment, asked questions, and shared ideas in this session. we were very free to do whatever we want to.

tea time at 10.30am then we started our grammar class. very exciting english class and you were not only learn about A for Apple.

we got talent night for every night. this was a very exciting moment. each group would come out with their performance and every day would be different performance for each group. usually, our group *Villain Region* would start discussing our night performance at 5pm *hahaha a very tough task when you need to plan, decide, practise and perform in a very short time!* this task was to enhance our 'work in every condition''s skill.

the exciting talent night shows the level of confident for every participant. how you can handle yourself on stage, while every people look at you, and control you emotion in front of people. confident beb!!

every day is a new day. we learn new things every day. so, don't waste your time, grab all the opportunities in front, leave all the unnecessary thing behind and you can stand, against your failure.

Group 6, Villain Region

one of the activity. this paper was pasted at your back. and people can wrote anything about yourself. you would not know what they wrote until the end of the class (where you can take off the paper and read what people wrote bout you)

talent night

gra-jua-tion day!!

with zapin costume at graduation night
our group perform malay, chinese and indian dance. i was in malay team which perform zapin.

ro0mmates... daaaa~~ :-* xoxo

enjoy every seconds of your life with what you want
because you will not have another chance to meet again the seconds...
-nadia havez-



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