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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Junior Aulad


17 May 2009

What is your nickname?
~ nadia, nad, naddy

Your mum calls you by this name..
~ nadia, kaklong

You are closer to your mother or father?
~ both
~ merajuk ngan ibu, sayang ayah lebih;
~ merajuk ngan ayah, sayang ibu lebih... hahahaha

Your siblings calls you by this name..
~ kaklong

You have someone special (bf/gf) in your heart..

~ n0pe

List down 3 of your good behaviours.
~ baik hati... hahaha
~ lembut hati... huhuhu

~ tak sampai hati... hihihi

List down 3 of your bad behaviours.
~ kelam-kabut

~ cepat marah cepat sejuk
~ kuat tido!

What is your favourite past times? Give 2.
~ zaman skuLL

~ zaman tadiKa (tiap2 pagi nyanyi lagu UMNO.. wawawa)

Your favourite colours are? Give 5.
~ turquoise

~ pink
~ purple
~ blue
~ maroon

Song of your life is?
~ nEgaraku

Name one person you admire the most..
~ Prof. Dato' Dr. Lokman Saim yea!

Name one of your ex.(nickname is allowed)

~ x-perience

The worst word/phrase cursed by you..

~ celaka

Who is the one you miss the most now?
~ MPP UTM (alamak, is? sorang je la ekk? tukar la, 'are'.. hehehe)

Who is the one who ignores you most of the time?


Who is the one who always keep you company?


Name the model of your phone.

~ SE W880i and SAMSUNG X430

Name the model of your laptop.

Name one person you hate the most.

~ Bush

Name the person you love the most.

~ person who love me

The situation you hate the most.
~ bila tengah practical tapi takde keje...

One word describing yourself.
~ comel (ayah kata hahaha)

What are you thinking now?


Classifies your friends as follows.
clever : oleng
naughty : farah
hardworking : yanto
funny : zareef azhar
sweet : yee chean
unpredictable : kak wani
mysterious : ira!
kind : eno
caring : ibu
handsome : ayah
beautiful : cik kiah
cute : nano0
wild : harimau
big : izwan (sori wan! :P)
small : ain hahaha

If you`re asked to shout, what will it be?
~ saya mau kerjaan!

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